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Two Neighbors

Two Neighbors

Two Neighbors is an LA-based duo consisting of singer/songwriter Sophia Pfister and producer/guitarist/percussionist Andre Mohring. The two met as literal neighbors in Highland Park and have coined the term “hard-pop” to define their unique juxtaposition of trap, rock and bubblegum pop. Their yin and yang dynamic creates a space for those longing to dance, mosh, and party without sacrificing authenticity and genuine storytelling. The group made their debut in late 2019 and recently released their self-titled debut EP on CloudKid Records.

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Can't Stand It


Can't Stand It


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We were sitting in a park with a guitar trying to get out of the house in the midst of the 2020 madness. Andre started playing a little lick on the low string and I shouted out, “It’s so good, I can’t stand it!” And the whole song basically wrote itself in about thirty minutes. We looked at each other like maybe we had just created magic and so we ran back to Andre’s room for him to produce it out— which he did just as fast. Hardly anything changed when we went into the studio to record it. Sitting in the park writing this song, in the unbelievable uncertainty of 2020, I was thinking of Andre, my father, a past lover, and the ride-or-die mentality I feel for all of them in different ways. Me and Andre have been a team throughout this all and you gotta have people around you who are down for the ride; whether you crash into a wall or reach the highest heights. This song was as easy to write as it is to listen to.

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